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The Arab Center for Biblical Studies exists (1) to help Arab Christians become faithful disciples having a vision and zeal for evangelizing and discipling others; (2) to equip them as leaders who serve to strengthen local churches and small groups; and (3) to prepare them for ministering to others with the Word of God.

The Arab Center for Biblical Studies provides extension training in Arab countries using especially designed courses in Arabic that have been written by experts in their field of study. Most of these courses have been successfully used around the world for training Christian leaders, while some are written specifically for the needs of Arab believers and for helping them appreciate their Arab Christian heritage. Each course comes with a workbook that the student carefully studies through. In most cases, students become part of a study group (typically 6-15 students) which meets regularly with a trained instructor who leads the group in an interactive discussion of the material studied. The course materials and class interaction take place on an online website built for distance learning. The option also exists for students to take courses by independent study.

More information about our training and methodology is provided in Philosophy of Ministry.


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