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How to Give to the Arab Center for Biblical Studies


The Arab Center for Biblical Studies (ACBS) is a faith-based ministry. We rely on the faithful gifts of Christian friends who stand behind us with their prayers, encouragement, and financial gifts.

ACBS is a subsidiary of Grace Ministries in Action (GMA) whose financial operations are handled by Allegro Solutions, a Christian ministry based in Houston, TX that helps charitable initiatives. Since Allegro Solutions is a registered non-profit in the USA, under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, all gifts given to GMA and to ACBS are tax-deductible. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law.

The advantages to us in using Allegro Solutions is that they provide all the accounting services for GMA and ACBS, so that we do not have to employ any personnel for bookkeeping and accounting operations. We are only charged a very conservative fee of 5% to Allegro for administrative handling (cheaper than almost all other mission organizations). In return, Allegro takes care of issuing tax-deductible receipts for all charitable contributions. They also provide us an online dashboard for monitoring all GMA accounts, including ACBS. GMA has a Board of Directors who oversee the operations and ensure the proper handling of finances.

For more information about Allegro Solutions, you can visit their website at: https://allegrosolutions.org/

You can give by electronic check, by credit card (online), by PayPal, or even by stock gifts. Giving by electronic check helps us the most, as the other options do include a modest additional charge.

How to Give by Check

1. Make your check payable to “Allegro Solutions.”

2. Attach a note: For GMIAction.003, the support of ACBS.

3. Mail to: Allegro Organizational Solutions, Inc. 5535 Memorial Dr., Ste. F-811, Houston, TX 77007

How to Give Online

1. Go to: https://allegrosolutions.org/donate/

2. Enter the Account Designation Code: GMIAction.003

3. Indicate the amount of your gift, and hit “Next”

4. Supply your billing information. Then hit “Next”

5. Indicate your Donation Method (Electronic Check / Credit Card / PayPal).

6. Continue to the end when you will click “Donate.”